An Ingenious Way to Make Remote Training Effective and Hassle-Free

Many of Persevera’s members travel frequently and for extended periods of time.  During their trips, they want to maintain—or accelerate—their hard-earned progress. Training live with a Persevera trainer via a Wi-Fi-connected device while they’re away is an elegant solution.

But many of our members are initially skeptical that remote training may be nearly as effective as training in Persevera’s Manhattan studio.  We hear the question often: Without access to the studio’s specialized training equipment, or without packing an extra suitcase full of dumbbells, how productive can remote strength training truly be?

Blood Flow Moderation Training

Under blood flow moderation (BFM) training, a trainee wears inflatable bands around the upper portion of the arms or legs to safely slow the blood in the limbs. With the bands inflated, simple, low-load exercise produces a profound muscle “burn” comparable to that caused by intense anaerobic training.  BFM triggers a natural and robust hormonal cascade, which in turn produces strength gains on par with heavy weight lifting without the need for large pieces of equipment or an extensive amount of open space.

Persevera’s trainers work with KAATSU and (B)STRONG BFM bands.  Bands are light and compact for easy packing and unpacking.  What’s more, BFM training can be effective using only the trainee’s body weight, or can be further enhanced by using light, portable tools, such as resistance bands.

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We’re always delighted to see our members in person in the studio, but when that’s not possible, remote BFM training can be the next best thing! To learn more about KAATSU training and whether it may be appropriate for you, click KAATSU below.  To visit (B)STRONG's website, and to enjoy a 10% percent discount on purchases, click the (B)STRONG button below and use promotional coupon code “persevera” at checkout.

Happy (and healthy) travels!

As always, we encourage you to see your doctor before and while engaging in any strength training, metabolic conditioning and recovery techniques.


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