producing results for decades

Jim is the best trainer I have ever worked with.
Amazing results and no B.S.
— Kevin Bacon
The most efficient and best workout ever. Jim is a true genius and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!
— Kyra Sedgwick
Getting to the gym just never seems to happen. There’s always a good excuse—work, family, tired or just plain old ‘not in the mood’. With Jim’s engaging approach to negative resistance, workouts are less than 30 minutes with no need to change from work clothes. Beat that!
— Michael Hidary
I was skeptical, but, on a friend’s strong recommendation, I gave Persevera a try: 30 minutes, once a week. Now, I’ve never stuck with a fitness regime this long, and I’ve never had such satisfying results!
— Janice McCune
I have been working out with Jim since 1996. Because of him, I look a decade younger, but more importantly, I’m strong. He emphasizes not just looking good, but having a body that will function well throughout our lives. He cares about flexibility, agility and strength. I wouldn’t be the same woman without the work we have done together.
— Deanna Bittker
In 30 intense minutes, you are worked to exhaustion. You feel your workout for a day or two, and then you’re looking forward to your next one. My strength has increased, my flexibility has increased and the pain that I had from past injuries has gone away. I feel great. Jim’s program works. If you are pressed for time but want results, meet with him.
— Chris Boehmcke
For years I had done yoga 3 to 5 times a week, combined with cardio. It wasn’t until I started training with Jim that my body took on a more sculpted appearance. His workouts enabled me to have an easier pregnancy and within months get back to the shape that I was in prior. After 8 years it remains the most important part of my fitness regime. Jim has inspired me to eat and live healthier.
— Carmen Zita
I was turning 40, had stopped working out for a few years, and had gained 10 pounds. Working with Jim gave my body the jump start it desperately needed. I lost the weight and got back in shape. My steady appointments with Jim are the perfect complement to any other workout I have each week.
— Randy Gindi
I have been exercising regularly with Jim for well over 15 years, and now, in late middle age, I am in the best shape of my life. I recently moved my office out of New York City, but I continue to make weekly trips into NYC specifically to train with Jim.
— Jon Gordon
I’m not a fan of gyms and never got results. That has all changed. Training with Jim is an incredible experience. His workouts have helped me become leaner and stronger and have alleviated pain. I increase intensity each workout, and I enjoy the challenge. Jim’s the most optimistic, motivating, knowledgeable and safe trainer I’ve met, and he gets results in 30 minutes!
— Dominique Bluhdorn
I enjoy cycling and ice hockey, so I get my cardio through sports, but I always hated going to the gym to strength train. As I reached my 40s, my muscle tone diminished and I was feeling and looking less strong and fit. Jim’s method of short, but intense, sessions gave me the results I was looking for!
— Jeffrey Beyda
Working with Jim for almost 20 years has made this 84 year-old feel like he’s really approaching 65! Jim is a professional and is dedicated and committed to what he does! What an experience to have had him direct my good health.
— Joe Bittker
After training at Persevera, I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. But the best and most unexpected benefit has been the improvement in my mental and emotional well-being. Persevera simply gets every aspect of personal training and nutrition right, and not a minute of time is ever wasted.
— John Dickey